Reader Submitted Photos

This page is for photos of current interest submitted by parishioners and others that pertain to St. Mary's. To submit a photo for this page, go to how to submit your photo.

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Click to see RCIAgroup.jpg
A group photo of the RCIA class
which was confirmed at Easter
Vigil on 3/26/05. -Bob Hess
Click to see Corpus.jpg
A photo of the Corpus located in the
crypt under the Altar of the Virgin
Mother Mary. -Bob Hess
Click to see fredsteeple2.jpg
Fred Holdridge captured the late
day sun reflecting off the stainless
steel cross on the steeple.
Click to see ChFromCthouse.jpg
Photo of St. Mary's as viewed
from the courthouse by
Mike Elicson
Click here to view Bob Stoll's
2011 Festival Photos

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