SATURDAY, October 17

                             3:30 p.m.          Confession

          1:30 p.m.             Galinda-Sanchez/Davison wedding

         4:00 p.m.       Betty Contosta    


 SUNDAY, October 18

        8:30 a.m.             Confession

     9:00 a.m.              Parishioners of Saint Mary

                             Coffee & doughnuts

        11:00 a.m.              Confession

      11:30 a.m.             Donald Reidel    

       3:00 p.m.        Polish Mass


MONDAY, October 19 – Saints John de Bre`beuf & Isaac Jogues

        6:30 p.m.              Scouts – Specht Center

        7:00 p.m.              The Castus Society – Atrium


TUESDAY, October 20

        8:15 a.m.          Alta Weithman     – Latin Mass

        5:30 p.m.         Wayne Thibaut   


WEDNESDAY, October 21

                           5:30 p.m.          Celebrant Intention - Latin Mass

        6:30 p.m.             Scouts – Specht Center

         6:30 p.m.              9:00 a.m. Choir rehearsal

        7:00 p.m.             RCIA 


THURSDAY, October 22 – Saint John Paul II

       5:30 p.m.             Betty Contosta   


FRIDAY, October 23

         8:15 a.m.       Living/deceased of the Thomas family    


SATURDAY, October 24

          1:30 p.m.             Severt/Clark wedding

          3:30 p.m.             Confession

         4:00 p.m.       Rita Yoakam    


 SUNDAY, October 25

        8:30 a.m.             Confession

     9:00 a.m.          Rita Zarth   

                             Coffee & doughnuts

        11:00 a.m.              Confession

      11:30 a.m.        Parishioners of Saint Mary      



 “SERMON ON THE AMOUNT” – October 10-11, 2015

Envelopes: $3480.00

Non- envelope donation: $1913.00

ECO donations: $932.00 (weekly, bi-weekly)

Total offering: $6325.00

Amount needed to meet expenses: $7,398.00

Refresh them Lord, with your healing grace.

Please remember in your prayers:

Hospital, Nursing/Assisted Living facility:    

Dick Zollner, Toni Neal, Willbert Neal, Ruth Neal, Jon Erickson


At home: Charles Walker, Dora Malyk, Sharon Kirby, Francis Bobo, Joanne Elgin, Philip Conci, Mary Sailor, Heidi Wooley, Pat Dineen, Donna Whitaker, Rosemary Finn, Linda Lowry, Janet Hammond, Michael Richards, Teresa Muetzel, Richard Schneider, Foday Kenneh,

Jim Hanson

If you are admitted to a hospital St. Mary may not be notified. Please ask a family member to call the parish office.



October 18th – Kozar family, son, Carter

October 18th – England family, daughter, Morgan

October 24th – Kelly family, daughter, Kendall



Are you interested in learning more about the Catholic faith, are you curious about what Catholics believe and why? Are you considering joining the church? Are you a Catholic who has been away from the Church for a while? Were you baptized Catholic but never participated in the Sacrament of Confirmation? RCIA is here for you. The topic this week is “One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church”. Please call the parish office at 614.445.9668 or Mike (614-323-6715), Maureen (614-323-7293) Keebaugh for more information.


9:00 a.m. CHOIR MUSIC

PRELUDE: Saint-Saens–Cantibile Symphonique from “Organ                                 Symphony”

CHOIR MOTET: Wesley - Lead Me, Lord


WEDDING MUSIC WORKSHOP…scheduled for October 19th has been cancelled.



The food pantry item for this month is chicken noodle soup. Please drop your donation into the container marked SSCM in the Vestibule.



Please help raise awareness and increase prayer efforts this Respect Life month by grabbing a baby bottle after Mass this weekend,

Oct. 17 & 18. Fill it with your loose change, cash or check, this will directly support the free, life-saving programs offered at the seven area Pregnancy Decision Health Centers. The bottles will be collected by the Knights of Columbus the weekend of Oct. 31 & Nov. 1. The Bottle Program is a great way to get the entire family involved. Thank you for your participation.


LITURGICAL/VOLUNTEER SCHEDULES for October 24-25 2015 (4th Sunday of the Month)


Extraordinary Ministers are reminded to cleanse the vessels after each Mass


TIME             ALTAR SERVER                              LECTOR                             EXTRAORDINARY MINISTER        SACRISTAN                 

4:00 P.M   Juan Durano, Sydney Armstrong                           Lori Mitchell                                          Carol Rees, Don Alexander

                               Evan Armstrong                                                 John Rees                                             Rita Alexander, Mary Minerd                    Ginny Holleran

9:00 A.M.          Natasha Mattox                                                Mike Keebaugh                              Dave & Marge Smigelski, Mike Chambers

                    Dominic Mattox, Trinity Mattox                                 Maureen Keebaugh                          Ray & Terry Thomas, Cecilia Reis                                 Jacquelyn Carone    

11:30 A.M.   Katie Price, Paul Martello                                Tina Nierman                                            Angie Stoller, Ann Anderson

                                   Ben Weilbacher                                                     Olivia DePassio                                        Jon Erickson, open                          Jacquelyn Carone  


Ψ       Prayers after Mass: following each Mass please kneel and prayer the following prayers: The Our Father, The Hail Mary, The Glory Be and the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel (see the back of your Missal for a copy of this prayer)                  

COFFEE & DOUGHNUTS: October 25 – Elizabeth & Ogbe Aideman                        Pray for our men and women in uniform


Collection counters for the 4th Sunday of the month: Frances Melton and Lin Duren


Notes from Father from Rome


Our happy group of pilgrims just left Rome. We are on the road to Assisi. 


I met and had lunch with Archduke Edward von Hadsburg, the new ambassador of Hungary to the Vatican.


I am typing this while I am riding on a bus which is not an easy thing to do. We are driving by many beautiful Churches, catacombs, museums…..almost incomprehensible.


I remembered all three Churches in my Masses.


The Lord be with you, Father Kevin Lutz



The Cat from 684 S. Third Street:


I heard from a little birdie (you can never trust a bird to keep a secret) that Father Lutz and several others saw a large cat sunning himself in the Papal gardens. The cat wasn’t a Cardinal himself, nor was he in the company of clerical Cardinals, but I bet he ate a few cardinals of the feathered variety in the past.


Viva II Papa!!

Viva II Cat!!


Raphael, the friend of the Papal Cat



News Worthy Notes


CELEBRATING CATHOLIC SCHOOL VIRTUES…the Diocese’s annual gala supporting education assistance, will be held Thurs., Nov. 5th, at St. Charles Preparatory School’s Walter Student Commons, 2010 E. Broad St.; cocktails at 6 p.m., dinner at 7 p.m.  Now in its eight year, all proceeds of this premier event provide need-based tuition assistance for students at diocesan elementary and high schools. Honorees at this year’s event are Michele and David Bianconi, St. Paul the Apostle Parish, Westerville; Sr. Margaret Hoffman, OSF, St. Charles; Nancy and Don Kelley, Holy Spirit Parish, Columbus; and Linda Sheridan, St. Mary Parish, Lancaster. Admission is $250 per person; registration information is available by contacting the Diocesan Schools Office at (614) 221-5829.


PROBABLE PITCHERS – Oct. 24-25, 2015

Sat. 10/24      4:00 @ St Mary – Father Droll

4:00 & 5:30 @ St. Lad's & Corpus Christi – Father Lutz


Sun. 10/25    9:00 @ St. Mary – Father Droll 

                    9:00 @ Corpus Christi – Father Lutz

                    11:00 @ St. Ladilas – Father Droll

                    11:30 @ St. Mary – Father Lutz



All are invited to one of these gatherings as The Most Reverend Frederick F. Campbell discusses the recent World Meeting of Families.  Come and discover how you can answer Pope Francis’ call to become a family fully alive!

·     Tuesday, November 10th, 7:00 p.m., Bishop Ready High School



Illuminating Our Faith: A Liturgical Stained Glass Windows Exhibition is open at the Jubilee Museum’s new gallery, the Fra Angelico gallery. This exhibit will run from now through November 15, 2015.  The exhibition features 12 stained glass windows rescued from various churches, chapels and orphanages. For more information please visit the Jubilee Museums’ website at or call 614-600-0054. A suggested donation of $10 per person is greatly appreciated.




VIRTUAL PILGRIMAGE…North American Lourdes Volunteers will present a 90-minute prayerful virtual pilgrimage to Lourdes, France, at Holy Family Parish, Sunday, Nov. 8th at 1:00 p.m. During this guided Lourdes experience, you will immerse yourself in the Gospel Message of Lourdes as given by Our Lady to St. Bernadette.  You will have the opportunity to touch the Grotto Rock and to experience the healing grace of Lourdes Water.  As part of this spiritual opportunity to draw nearer to God with Our Lady and St. Bernadette, you will receive a Eucharistic blessing and pray the Rosary.  A Plenary Indulgence is granted to all the faithful, under the usual conditions, who attend a Virtual Pilgrimage with North American Lourdes Volunteers.  Come and experience the healing grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ through His Immaculate Mother.  Invite your family, children and friends! Our Lady extends her invitation to all!  The next best thing to visiting Lourdes itself is a Pilgrimage journey without the travel!  For more information call parish office at 614 221 4323.


THE DIOCESAN COUNCIL OF CATHOLIC WOMEN…all women of the Diocese are invited to attend the 70th Annual Convention of the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women (DCCW) on Saturday, November 7, 2015, at St. Joan of Arc Church, from 8 a.m. to

3 p.m.  The convention theme is “A Quiet Walk In The Garden With God” and includes presentations from National Conference President Sheila Hopkins; Michele Faehnle and Emily Jaminet, co-authors of the new book, Divine Mercy For Moms; and Mass, celebrated by Bishop Campbell.  Registration is $35.00  The deadline is Monday, October 19; registration materials can be found on the Diocesan homepage,, or by contacting DCCW at 614-228-8601 or


THE SACRED REMAINS OF SAINT MARIA GORETTI, Patroness of Virtue and of Mercy, will be at Saint Joseph Cathedral on October 21, from 11:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m., with a special Memorial Mass celebrated at 7:00 p.m. This is a first-of-a-kind visit of her remains to the United States and is coordinated with the Holy See’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints and the Treasures of the Church, and is part of a national Pilgrimage of Mercy in preparation for the Extraordinary Year of Mercy, which officially begins on December 8.  All who wish to venerate her sacred remains are invited.  For more information about Saint Maria Goretti, the importance of this opportunity, and this national Pilgrimage of Mercy, please visit: Please note there are no “reservations” associated with this one-day opportunity – the faithful are invited equally to Saint Joseph Cathedral for prayer and veneration of the sacred remains of Saint Maria Goretti.  It is suggested that you carpool, and make use of public parking facilities adjacent to the Cathedral; handicapped access to the Cathedral is available via elevator located on the west (courtyard) side of the Cathedral.



Week #1 – Today I was conceived in my mother’s womb. If you could see into my chromosomes, you could tell if I am a boy or a girl. I am very, very tiny, because my body has only one cell. As tiny as I am, my single-celled body contains DNA in my 46 human chromosomes and 20,000 to 25,000 protein-coding genes. The data in my DNA contains a lot of information – over 750 megabytes, enough information to fill a 33-volume encyclopedia, five times over. The amount of information contained in the cell that tells the cell what to do with this data is astronomical. While my body has just one cell, scientists call me a “zygote.” About two or three days after conception, my one celled-body will divide into two cells. Next, one of my two cells will divide again, so I will have three cells. Then, one of these three cells will divide, so I will have four cells. After that, all of my cells will split in two, so the number of my cells will increase from four, to eight, to sixteen, and so on. At the 16-cell stage, scientists will call me a “morula.”

As a “morula,” I am taking my first trip, traveling through one of my Mother’s fallopian tubes, heading for the womb, where there will be food and shelter. The womb will be my home for the next nine months, where I can safely grow and develop. About four to five days after conception, scientists will call me a “blastocyst.”

Follow the journey each week as we explore the miracle of life.




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