SATURDAY, August 15 – The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

        3:30 p.m.             Confession

         4:00 p.m.       Betty Friedlinghaus    


 SUNDAY, August 16

        8:30 a.m.             Confession

     9:00 a.m.          Wes Kingery         

                             NO Coffee & doughnuts

        11:00 a.m.              Confession

      11:30 a.m.        Parishioners of Saint Mary    

        3:00 p.m.       Polish Mass


MONDAY, August 17

        7:00 p.m.              The Castus Society – Atrium

         7:00 p.m.               Wedding Music Workshop - Church


TUESDAY, August 18

        5:30 p.m.       Rita K. Zarth                                                                                                      


WEDNESDAY, August 19

                           5:30 p.m.          Celebrant Intention - Latin Mass


THURSDAY, August 20 – Saint Bernard

       5:30 p.m.        Bea Sauer    


FRIDAY, August 21 – Saint Pius X


SATURDAY, August 22

         1:30 p.m.           O’Connell/Moberger wedding

        3:30 p.m.             Confession

         4:00 p.m.       Deceased of the Gammell/Miller families    


 SUNDAY, August 23

        8:30 a.m.             Confession

     9:00 a.m.          Eleanor Noltemeyer         

                             Coffee & doughnuts

        11:00 a.m.              Confession

      11:30 a.m.        Parishioners of Saint Mary    



Any student who does not attend Catholic School and who wishes to participate in Confirmation which is scheduled for October 3, 2015 please contact the Parish office for preparation materials.


“SERMON ON THE AMOUNT” – August 8-9, 2015

Envelopes: $3234.00

Non- envelope donation: $1793.00

ECO donations: $245.00 (weekly)

Total offering: $5272.00

Amount needed to meet expenses: $7,398.00


Refresh them Lord, with your healing grace.

Please remember in your prayers:

Hospital, Nursing/Assisted Living facility:    

Dick Zollner, Toni Neal, Willbert Neal, Ruth Neal, Foday Kenneh


At Home: Charles Walker, Dora Malyk, Sharon Kirby, Francis Bobo, Joanne Elgin, Philip Conci, Mary Sailor, Heidi Wooley, Pat Dineen, Donna Whitaker, Rosemary Finn, Linda Lowry, Janet Hammond, Michael Richards

If you are admitted to a hospital St. Mary may not be notified. Please ask a family member to call the parish office.



August 16, Nguyen family, son, Noah

August 23, Howell family, daughter, Madison


RCIA - CATHOLIC INSTRUCTION SET TO BEGIN: Are you interested in learning more about the Catholic faith?  Are you curious about what Catholics believe and why? Are you considering joining the church? Are you a Catholic who has been away from the Church for a while? Were you baptized Catholic but never participated in the Sacrament of Confirmation? Then St. Mary would like to invite you to an informal information meeting and cookout. The cook-out is set for Wed, Aug. 26th, at 6:00 p.m. Instructional classes will begin the following Wed. at 7:00 p.m. We look forward to seeing you at the cookout. Please contact St. Mary at 614.445.9668 or Mike (614-323-6175) or Maureen (614-323-7293) Keebaugh for more information


JORDAN CONFERENCE…..the quarterly Jordon Conference is scheduled for Tuesday, August 25, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. in the Atrium for parents who wish to have a child baptized. Please contact the parish office at 445-9668 or email Ann at  to confirm your attendance.



1.  August 26, 2015, first day of school

2. August 30, 2015, the 10th Annual 4-S Club Golf outing at Foxfire Golf Course.  


UPDATED MASS SCHEDULE…with the start of the new school year Masses again will be offered at 8:15 a.m. on Tues. (this is a Latin Mass) beginning Sept. 1st; at 8:15 a.m. on Friday beginning Aug. 28th, this is our all-school Mass.



Food pantry items for this month are canned fruit. Please drop off your donation in the container marked SSCM in the Vestibule.  



LITURGICAL/VOLUNTEER SCHEDULES for August 22-23, 2015 (4th Sunday of the Month)


Extraordinary Ministers are reminded to cleanse the vessels after each Mass


TIME             ALTAR SERVER                              LECTOR                             EXTRAORDINARY MINISTER        SACRISTAN                 

4:00 P.M   Juan Durano, Sydney Armstrong                           Lori Mitchell                                          Carol Rees, Don Alexander

                               Evan Armstrong                                                 John Rees                                             Rita Alexander, Mary Minerd                    Ginny Holleran

9:00 A.M.          Natasha Mattox                                                Mike Keebaugh                              Dave & Marge Smigelski, Mike Chambers

                    Dominic Mattox, Trinity Mattox                                 Maureen Keebaugh                          Ray & Terry Thomas, Cecilia Reis                                 Jacquelyn Carone    

11:30 A.M.   Katie Price, Paul Martello                                Tina Nierman                                            Angie Stoller, Ann Anderson

                                   Ben Weilbacher                                                     Olivia DePassio                                        Jon Erickson, open                          Jacquelyn Carone  


Ψ       Prayers after Mass: following each Mass please kneel and prayer the following prayers: The Our Father, The Hail Mary, The Glory Be and the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel (see the back of your Missal for a copy of this prayer)                  

COFFEE & DOUGHNUTS: August 23 – Mark and Sandra Grosko                             Pray for our men and women in uniform


Collection counters for the 4th Sunday of the month: Frances Melton and Lin Duren  


From the Pastor’s Desk….…


"Summer's lease hath all too short a date..."  I always quote that as summer winds down and the opening of school approaches.  


By the time you read this, the procession will have ended.  There's lots of excitement about the plan.  For those reading this after the Saturday Mass (or during the sermon), I hope to see you at the Festival.


I'm going to add a small feature to the bulletin so you know which priest will likely be offering the Mass.  If only one (1) name is shown that will be the homilist and the celebrant, if two (2) names are shown the second name is the homilist.  It will be appropriately titled ("Probable Pitchers.") See below.


On August 21 (this coming Friday) there will be a banquet at Villa Milano to help support the Jubilee Museum.  Doors will open at 5:30 p.m.  There will be a Silent Auction taking place prior to dinner which will be served at 7:00 p.m.  Please call Sheila at 614-468-2106 to register for the event.  Hope to see you there.


A special welcome to Sister Mary Franz (99 years of age and a sister for 80 years).  Not only was Sister a daughter of St. Mary Parish, but she taught here.  Sister and I worked at two other churches in the past and it will be good to see her here at home again.


The Lord be with you!


Fr. Kevin Lutz


From the Cat at 684 S. Third Street. .  .


Normally I give the pastor a hard time (it's a cat thing), but every now and then I transcend myself and help him out. Well. . .he is working with several people for the "Treasures Old & New " Banquet for the Jubilee Museum.


When I was a young kitten, Father Lutz took me to the museum for a tour.  I must say it was short on toys and catnip, but long on history.  The museum and I are the same age, so we've grown up together.  Please consider being at the banquet this Friday evening.  Call Sheila (a cat lover extraordinaire) and register at 614-648-2106.  A special gift to all who register as "Raphael's Friend".  See you there!  I'll be watching on my Cat-cam.


Raphael - Art Connoisseur (you never knew!)


P.S.  A shout-out to Larry Yaek, a book collector who sent me a book about Literary Cats.  (We are a rare breed.)




Probable Pitchers for August 22-23

Corpus Christi, St.Lad's - Fr. Droll

St. Mary- Fr. Lutz



Whether you’ve discerned God calling you to try to achieve or postpone pregnancy, Natural Family Planning (NFP) can help you and your spouse live God’s plan for love and life, while strengthening your marriage relationship.   Consider learning NFP – attend a diocesan NFP Class Series at a location near you.  Register online at or contact the Marriage and Family Life Office at 614-241-2560 or   




Traditional Choir rehearsal begins Wednesday August 5th at 6:30 p.m. in the choir loft. Now is the time to take advantage of our “Try Before You Buy” plan. You may attend rehearsals through August without making a commitment to sing Sunday Mass. If, at the end of August, you decide it’s not for you, you are under no obligation. This is a good time to give it a try. We are looking at some new music and there are many practice aids to help learn the music. Reading music is not necessary, as we’ll teach you. All you need is a willingness to learn, and 1 ½ hours each Wednesday. For more information contact: Bill Antoniak at 614-580-0973 or


Nicholas Robert Merrill and Misty Dawn Brown

September 5, 2015

Marius Florin Irimies and Sarah Lyn Barnett

September 5, 2015 @ Saint Leo



Join the Society of the St. Vincent De Paul’s 2015 Friends of the Poor Walk. This one-mile walk takes place on October 3 at 10:00 a.m. at the St. Francis DeSales High School stadium track, 4212 Karl Rd. Check-in begins at 9:00. All money raised goes back to the walker’s St. Vincent De Paul conference to help those in need in that community. To walk, register online at at the top of the page (Blue Line) click on “Walkers” and click on the drop down “Become a Walker”; choose “Ohio“ and click on “St. Francis DeSales High School” then “Continue Registration”. Fill in the form.  Under “Walk Beneficiary” you have the opportunity to specify your parish conference or ministry. The final step is to click on “Add a Walker.” If you need more information, email or call Gail Page (614) 824-1289


SEPTEMBER BUS TRIP….a trip is being planned for September 1 – 3 to visit Kelly’s Island and South Bass Island in northern Ohio. St. Mary, St. Ladislas, Corpus Christi and Holy Family senior citizens are invited to participate. We will visit the Shrine of Our Lady of Consolation in Carey on the way up and the Sorrowful Mother Shrine in Bellevue on the way back. The cost will be no more than $230.00 per person (based on double occupancy). This will cover the chartered bus, two nights at the Comfort Inn in Sandusky and the fare for the ferry boat for the Island visits. Breakfast is complimentary at the hotel. If you are interested in going or need additional information contact Sheila Lutz at 614.445.9668. The more people that sign up the more the individual cost can be reduced. Deadline is Monday, August 24th at noon.  


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On behalf of Father Lutz, Ms. Kayla Walton, our new principal; the parish and school staff and the entire St. Mary family we want to WELCOME HOME all our alumni and friends that will join us on Friday and Saturday to celebrate the annual St. Mary Homecoming festival and the Sesquicentennial year of

Saint Mary, Mother of God Catholic Church.


May the Blessed Mother, our Patronness, always watch over and protect you and your family

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