SATURDAY, January 11

          3:00 p.m.       Confession

       4:00 p.m.        Alberta Sauer  


 SUNDAY, January 12

       9:00 a.m.         Geraldine Minner   

                                      Coffee & doughnuts

     11:30 a.m.          Parishioners of Saint Mary


MONDAY, January 13 – Saint Hilary

                                       No Mass

       7:00 p.m.           The Castus Society – Atrium

        7:00 p.m.          Knights of Columbus - Specht


TUESDAY, January 14

        5:30 p.m.       Deceased of the Schneider/Gehring families 

       7:00 p.m.           Scouts - Specht


WEDNESDAY, January 15

     5:30 p.m.          Celebrant Intention–Latin Mass

       7:00 p.m.          RCIA – Atrium  


THURSDAY, January 16 – Latin Mass

      5:30 p.m.          Margaret McLaughlin                   

        6:15 p.m.           11:30 Choir practice

        7:00 p.m.          Sesquicentennial Meeting - Atrium


FRIDAY, January 17 – Saint Anthony

       8:15 a.m.          Victims of Violence    


SATURDAY, January 18

          3:00 p.m.       Confession

       4:00 p.m.        Frank Swartz  


 SUNDAY, January 19

       9:00 a.m.         Frances Grispino   

                                      Coffee & doughnuts

     11:30 a.m.          Parishioners of Saint Mary

     3:00 p.m.          Polish Mass


HOME VISITATION: If you know of someone that needs to be added to the list for home visitation please contact the parish office.


Sermon on the Amount – January 4-5, 2014

Envelopes: $4,359.00

Non- envelope donation: $2,970.00

 ECO donations: $3,102.00 (weekly-bi-weekly-1st)

Total offering: $10,431.00

Amount needed to meet expenses: $7,398.00



Refresh them Lord, with your healing grace.

Please remember in your prayers:

Hospital, Nursing/Assisted Living facility:   Donna Whitacre, Wilma Rose, Bea Sauer, Marge Stec, Martha Goodwin, Dick Zollner, Ruth Naegele, Toni Neal

At Home: Charles Walker, Ruth Neal, Dora Malyk, Rita Malyk McCreary, Reilly Gall, Sharon Kirby, Francis Bobo, Joanne Elgin, Philip Conci, Betty Albert, Mary Sailor, Heidi Wooley,

Larry Badurina, Wes Kingery, Stuart Sinn, Jim Sauer, Dick Schneider


If you are admitted to a hospital St. Mary’s may not be notified. Please ask a family member to call the parish office. 


2013-2014 RCIA

The topic for this week is “The Sacrament of Confirmation/Gifts of the Holy Spirit”. The presenter will be Ryan Gray, a Seminarian from the Josephinum.  All are welcome. For more information please contact RCIA Directors Mike or Maureen Keebaugh. Contact Mike @ 614-323-6715 or . Contact Maureen @ 614-323-7293 or



January 12, 2014

The Maly family, daughter, Grace – after 11:30 Mass

January 19, 2014

The Dunn family, daughter, Riley – after 11:30 Mass


RESPECT LIFE MASS….will be celebrated on January 22, 2014, 10:30 a.m. at St. Joseph Cathedral in observance of the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children. The Most Rev. Frederick F. Campbell, Bishop of Columbus, will be the celebrant. On this day of the anniversary of the United States Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade, our diocese will join all of the dioceses of the United States in observing a Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children. All are invited to attend. A Rally for Life sponsored by Greater Columbus Right to Life will be held following the Mass at Noon at the Statehouse. Many of those participating in the Mass will be walking to the Statehouse.



The quarterly Jordon Conference for parents who wish to have a child baptized will be held on Tues. Feb. 25, 2014 at 7:00 p.m. in the Atrium. Please contact the parish office at 445-9668 or email Ann at to confirm your attendance.




LITURGICAL/VOLUNTEER SCHEDULES for January 18-19, 2014 (3rd Sunday of the Month)


Extraordinary Ministers are reminded to cleanse the vessels after each Mass


TIME               ALTAR SERVER                            LECTOR                                   EXTRAORDINARY MINISTER           SACRISTAN


4:00 P.M.    Madeleine and Yeats McDonald                John Lamotte                                          Chris Hilles, open,   

                             Abigail Gischel                                       Joel Wichtman                                                  open, open                                            Tina Nierman

9:00 A.M.       Charlie Collins                                  Rick Driscoll                     Frances Melton, Sheila Naegele, Carolyn Redwood

                           Lulu Collins, open                                         Jon Erikson                              Bertha Hilsheimer, Mary Wickham, open               Frances Melton   

11:30 A.M.   Anna Lynch, open                                    Pam Makowski                                  Carolyn Zeisler, Joe Maly

                              Ben Weilbacher                                    Rick Makowski                                     Kim Anderson, open                            Frances Melton  


v                   Prayers after Mass: following each Mass please kneel and prayer the following prayers: The Our Father, The Hail Mary,            The Glory Be and the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel (see the back of your Missile for a copy of this prayer)             


COFFEE & DOUGHNUTS: January 19 – Knights of Columbus                                   Pray for our men and women in uniform


Collection counters for the 3rd Sunday of the month: Frances Melton and Lin Duren

From the Pastor’s Desk


There will be an extra Latin Mass this week only.  On Thursday, I will offer a Mass for my former 6th grade teacher, Sister Ignatius. Sister was a great teacher and a dear family friend.  Sister Ignatius left the convent and resumed the secular life many years ago.  The changes in religious life were not easy for her. Some years later, she married and is now deceased.  Her widower came to request a mass for her soul, and indicated that she would like the old Mass, and so it shall be on Thursday at 5:30 pm.  


This has been a cold stretch!  I don't recall too many times we've had sub-zero temperatures, but we made up for it in the past week! Add to that:  the ancient boiler in the school went down and the downstairs furnace in the rectory shut off.  It's good to feel 32 degrees again.  


This is a little late (mea culpa) but I have some beautiful CDs by the Benedictine Sisters in Gower, MO.  The Mother prioress there was once a member of my parish and she played the French horn in the Columbus Symphony Orchestra about ten years ago.  Her name then was Martina Snell, now known as Mother Cecilia. Their CD was # 1 or 2 for a short while on Amazon. Her Sisters are supporting their convent through music and vestment making.  If you are interested in a CD, let me know.  Suggested price is $12.  There is one of Advent music and one of Christmas; available in the office from Ann, as well.  If you shop really early for Christmas, have I got a deal for you!


January is not my favorite month.  Gray, cold, windy, and not enough snow to shut down everything.  As a child I lived for snow days.  We're just not far enough north to get really snowed in. Now Buffalo knows how to put on a good snow storm.  I lived just north of there for three years and, unfortunately, they were the three mildest winters on record.  I'm not wishing for killing weather; just enough to blanket everything well, and everyone stays home and relaxes.


On my way back to St. Mary today I found a man dumpster diving at Holy Family.  I pulled in to see what he needed.  He had missed the soup kitchen and was hoping to find some bread or other leftovers.  Fortunately I had some food in the car and gave him some.  Life is hard for some people in ways that are hard to imagine.  The solution is complex.  It's not a matter of tossing a few bucks his way or food stamps.  The solution is in education, job training and effective centers for drug and alcohol treatment centers.  I always wanted to start a "monastic" style center for people with addictions so that regardless of their background, they could receive compassionate Christian guidance out of the bondage of drugs and alcohol.  Call me if you win the lottery.  


The Lord be with you!


Fr. Kevin.F. Lutz



From the cat at 684 South Third . . .


Well, well, well!  I see some of you walking by the windows with your fake furs.  Don't you wish that nature had given you a nice fur coat like mine?  I know you're jealous, but God seems to have favored cats.  I have found a strange vent that issues both cold and warm air in the library. If you do not see me,  that is where I abide.  


St. Mary's is turning out to be a wonderful place.  The tree is gone.  I had three of them this year, better than just one at Holy Family.  I only broke three ornaments this year. It's an off year; I'm not as young as I once was.  In my prime I could clear the bottom three feet of the entire tree.  A cat's work is never done.  


Someone said the other day that I was not a very good CATholic as I am never seen in church. Well!  I have a chapel in the rectory. Actually the priest set it up. I go there several times a day and Father and I both pray for you.  He uses a string of beads when he prays.  I've given them a swat or two.  He should be more serious and not play with toys in chapel when talking to the God who made us all.   


I am still filled with Christmas Joy:  throw some bread out for the birds!


Raphael the Cat




SPECIAL COLLECTION…the weekend of January 18 and 19 is a renewal weekend for membership in the Society for the Propagation of the Faith. To join, please use your pre-printed envelope or mark you donation accordingly. Members of the Society receive the graces of 15,000 Masses celebrated each day by missionaries for its members – living or deceased.



The continued preparations for our 150th anniversary will resume Thursday evening in the Atrium at 7:00 p.m. All are welcome.





In the spirit of the Gospel, Mount Camel Hospice volunteers are asked to use their talents to help their neighbors.  These volunteers have kind hearts and a willingness to serve. Please join the volunteer team if you have a genuine desire to support people with life-limiting illnesses, if you can offer kindness and assurance, if you are able to listen with sensitivity and respect. Mount Carmel Hospice needs you as a visitation volunteer.  A spring training class is forming now.

All support is welcome.  All talents and abilities are appreciated.  All you have to do is call Betsy at 234-0200 for more information about the ways you can support your neighbors.



The 2014 Saint Mary Gala will be held on Saturday, February 15, 2014 at The Columbus Athenaeum (32 N. Fourth Street) from 6:00-11:00 p.m. We are proud to announce this year's honorees:  The 4 S Club -- long-time supporters of Saint Mary Elementary School. Festivities will include musical entertainment by The Saxmen, complimentary Valet, hors d'eourvres, open bar, seated three course meal, Silent Auction, raffles, prizes and of course, plenty of  Saint Mary Spirit!

Tickets are $100.00/person or $900.00 per table of 10 and include the items mentioned above.  Visit the Parish or School website and follow the "Gala" link to reserve your seat/table, become a sponsor, and make a donation. 

DONATE TO THE GALA! We are still looking for a wide variety of items for our auction! Some ideas include: gift certificates for restaurants and movies etc, passes/tickets to local attractions, theater, concerts, sporting events, anything OSU or Ohio sports teams related, travel miles, vacation homes, timeshares, hotel vouchers, anything Saint Mary related, wine, liquor, locally made items/goods, themed baskets etc, electronics and gadgets, golf accessories etc. Saint Mary Supporters are always so creative in this department, so THANK YOU in advance for your donations!!! You may drop off your donation to the parish office or contact Vanessa Fischer at or 614.604.3891 for any questions. 

We hope to see you at the Gala!!


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