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SATURDAY, August 13

         3:00 p.m.         Confessions

      4:00 p.m.         Trudy Higginbottom  


SUNDAY, August 14

       9:00 a.m.       Parishioners of St. Mary                  

                                      Coffee & doughnuts 

     11:30 a.m.          Steve Mundy     

                                      Zollweg baptism – after mass

        7:00 p.m.         Bingo


MONDAY, August 15

                                       The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

                                       (Not a Holy Day of Obligation this year) 

   12:00 noon         Fr. Ted Thomas  


TUESDAY, August 16

      5:30 p.m.                   Steve Haley    

       6:00 p.m.           NO Choir practice (11:30 choir)


WEDNESDAY, August 17

  12:00 noon         Willie Neal  

     6:00 p.m.             NO Bible study

     7:00 p.m.            NO Choir practice (9:00 choir)


THURSDAY, August 18

    5:30 p.m.           Franco Policaro  


FRIDAY, August 19

   12:00 noon        Fr. Ted Thomas  


SATURDAY, August 20

         1:00 p.m.         Larsen/Cain wedding

         3:00 p.m.         Confessions

      4:00 p.m.         Mary Jo McCarthy  


SUNDAY, August 21

       9:00 a.m.       Parishioners of St. Mary                  

                                      Coffee & doughnuts 

     11:30 a.m.          Fr. Ted Thomas     

      3:00 p.m.         Polish mass

        7:00 p.m.         Bingo






OFFERTORY – August 6-7, 2011

Offertory: $6,349.00

 ECO deposits $882.00 (weekly, bi-weekly)

Total offering: $7,231.00

Bingo receipts: August 7: $1,338.00

Jackpot: $10,200.00



Refresh them Lord, with your healing grace.

Please remember in your prayers:

Nursing/Assisted Living facility:  Evelyn Spiert, Donna Whitacre, Wilma Rose, Bea Sauer, Charles Campbell  


At Home:, Frank Carrick, Judy Hall, Mary Ann Koch, Al Moeller, Larry Schwartz,  James Johnson, Charles Walker, Ruth Neal, Maryann Neymeyer, Dora Malyk, Rita McCreary, Kristy Yosick, Fodah Kenneh, Reilly Gall, Ogbe Aideman, Jamie Messer


If you are admitted to a hospital St. Mary’s may not be notified. Please ask a family member to call us. 



Just a reminder, that the option of donating to the church via an automatic withdrawal is available at any time throughout the year.  You can set your contribution up on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Please contact the parish office if interested.



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The St. Mary family wishes to WELCOME HOME all our alumni and friends that will join us this weekend to celebrate the annual St. Mary Homecoming festival. May the Blessed Mother, our Patronness, always watch over and protect you and your families.




LITURGICAL/VOLUNTEER SCHEDULES for August 20-21, 2011 (3rd Sunday of the Month)


Extraordinary Ministers are reminded to cleanse the vessels after each Mass


TIME                ALTAR SERVER                  LECTOR                               EXTRAORDINARY MINISTER                              SACRISTAN

4:00 P.M.         open, open                    John Lamotte                                    Chris Hilles, Pat Morris, Lois Morris,

                                open                                   Tina Nierman                                     Andrea Fannin, open, open                                               Tina Nierman

9:00 A.M.       Charlie Collins                Rick Driscoll               Frances Melton, Marianne Metnes, Sheila Naegale, Cecelia Reis,

                 Edie Collins, Abigail Gischel             Mary Kay Oris                Mike Chambers, Carolyn Redwood, Bertha Hilsheimer, open                               Frances Melton   

11:30 A.M.    Rebecca Vogt                         Jimmy Vogt                           Elizabeth Vogt, Mike and Maureen Keebaugh,

                         Jillian Vogt, open                 Kathleen Haytas                         Stuart Sinn, Kim Anderson, Open                                                           Frances Melton   


COFFEE & DOUGHNUTS: August 20 – Knights of Columbus                                      Pray for our men and women in uniform


Collection counters for the 3rd Sunday of the month: Frances Melton and Betty Contosta






The annual 4-S Club golf outing is Sunday, September 18th at Foxfire Golf Club. This annual event benefits St. Mary School. This year’s golf outing will honor Sister Regina Snyder. For additional information you can pick up a brochure available in the back of church.



When love seems lost, or the only answer seems to be separation or divorce, where do you turn?

RETROUVAILLE, a Catholic program, shares a message of listening, forgiveness, and communication to help bring a troubled marriage to life again.  The next Columbus RETROUVAILLE weekend will be September 23-25, 2011.  Call 614-296-9704 for more information and visit:



On August 21st following the 11:30 Mass and continuing until 3:00 p.m. there will be an ice cream social on the school front lawn (or in the gymnasium if the weather does not cooperate) to kick off the 2011-12 school year. This would be a great time to introduce yourself and welcome our new principal, Mrs. Luna Alsharaiha, and her staff as they begin a new school year. We look forward to seeing you there. 


2011-12 RCIA

The kick off cookout for RCIA will be held on Wednesday, September 7th, not August 31st as reported in an earlier bulletin.  Watch the bulletin for details. As noted earlier, if you know anyone that is interested in learning about the Catholic faith; has been away from the church; has not been confirmed; or if you would like to be a sponsor for someone this year, then the Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA) is for you. 






If you have moved, gotten married or had a child please contact the parish office at 445-9668 or email  so we can update our parish records.



Ten million people across the Horn of Africa are in need of humanitarian assistance as a result of the worst drought in more than 60 years. Most live in Kenya and Ethiopia. Visit the diocesan website at and see how you might help.






St. Charles will conduct two fall basketball camps:

·    Shooting Camp(s):  For boys in grades 3rd -5th and 6th -8th, Thursday nights from Sept. 1st through Oct. 20th. 6:00-7:00 p.m. for those in grades 3rd-5th and from  7:15-8:15 p.m. for those in 6th-8th grades.The cost is $80 if registered before August 24 and $90 if signed up on or after August 25, 2011. Space is limited to 35 players per session. You are encouraged to sign-up even if you cannot make every session as attendance is not mandatory each week.

·    Instructional Camp: Small group instruction for 5th -8th grade students; Tuesday nights from Aug. 30th - Oct. 18th, 2011. Two sessions per week: Session I will go from 4:00 - 4:50 p.m. and Session II from 5:00 - 5:50 p.m. Cost is $160 for all sessions or you may also pay per session; the cost per session is $20. Space is limited to six (6) players per session.

For more information or to sign up for one of these camps/sessions, please contact Coach Will Gruber at or at 614-260-2303.    BANNS of MARRIAGE

Cory Draeger and Lina Scrocca

Jared Moore and Laura Ann Mills

Scott Frances Kay and Nicole Mari Davis

September 3, 2011


A Prayer for Priests
Most gracious Heavenly Father,
We thank you for our faithful priests and bishops, whose spiritual fatherhood and example of fidelity, self-sacrifice, and devotion is so vital to the faith of your people.

May our spiritual fathers be guided by the examples of Saints Peter and Paul, all the Apostles and their saintly successors. Give them valiant faith in the face of confusion and conflict, hope in time of trouble and sorrow, and steadfast love for you, for their families, and for all your people throughout the world. May the light of your Truth shine through their lives and their good works.

Assist all spiritual fathers, that through your Grace they may steadily grow in holiness and in knowledge and understanding of your Truth. May they generously impart this knowledge to those who rely on them.
Through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

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