SATURDAY, February 28,

Is. 58: 9b – 14, Lk. 5: 27 – 32

       3:00 p.m.                Reconciliation

       4:00 p.m.               Elizabeth Wolf   


SUNDAY, March 1, 

Gn. 9: 8 – 15, 1 Pt. 3: 18 – 22, Mk. 1: 12 – 15

       9:00 a.m.               Parishioners of St. Mary   

                                      Coffee and Doughnuts

      11:30 a.m.             Diane Carrick    

                                      Campo baptism – following mass

        7:00 p.m.               Bingo


MONDAY, March 2,         

Lv. 19: 1 – 2, 11 – 18, Mt. 25: 31 – 46

    12:00 noon               Amelia Bangert  

                                      Reconciliation following Mass

       7:00 p.m.                R.C.I.A.


TUESDAY, March 3, 

Is. 55: 10 – 11, Mt. 6: 7 – 15

       12:00 noon              RCIA Candidates & Catechumens    

       6:00 p.m.                Choir practice (11:30 choir)


WEDNESDAY, March 4,                              

Jon. 3: 1 – 10, Lk. 11: 29 – 32

        9:45 a.m.              Our school    

      12:00 noon             Jesse Anderson     

        6:00 p.m.               Bible study – Specht Center

        7:00 p.m.               Choir practice (9:00 choir)

                                      R.C.I.A. (see bulletin)


THURSDAY, March 5,

Est. C: 12, 14 – 16, 23 – 25, Mt. 7: 7 – 12

                                      No Noon Mass at St. Mary

       3:00 p.m.                Stations of the Cross at St. Leo

       6:00 p.m.                Adoration at Corpus Christi

       6:30 p.m.                Mass at Corpus Christi



Ez. 18: 21 – 28, Mt. 5: 21 – 26

    12:00 noon               Parishioners of St. Mary

     12:30 p.m.               Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

      3:30 p.m.                Benediction

       7:00 p.m.                Stations of the Cross at St. Ladislas


SATURDAY, March 7,

Dt. 26: 16 – 19, Mt. 5: 43 – 48

       3:00 p.m.                Reconciliation

       4:00 p.m.               Helen Snyder   


SUNDAY, March 8, 

Gn. 22: 1 – 2, 9a, 10 – 13, 15 – 18, Rom. 8: 31b – 34, Mk. 9: 2 – 10

       8:00 a.m.                Daughter’s of Erin Breakfast

       9:00 a.m.               Elizabeth Wolf   

                                      Coffee and Doughnuts

      11:30 a.m.             Ray F. Noltemeyer    

        7:00 p.m.               Bingo


Please remember in your prayers all those who are sick or suffering, especially those homebound or in nursing homes.            

C:\Documents and Settings\anderson\My Documents\My Pictures\Microsoft Clip Organizer\j0429939.wmfRefresh them Lord, with your healing grace

Nursing Home:  Evelyn Spiert, Donna Whitacre

At Home : Catherine Allen, Charlie Campbell, Josephine Calabro, Frank Carrick, Judy Hall,  Henrietta Koch, Mary Ann Koch, Mary Laubenthal, Tim McManus, Al Moeller, Mary Ann Prager, Larry Schwartz, Tyler Zust, Rita Ann McCreary, James Johnson, Jeff Buskey, Betty Friedlinghaus, Charles Walker, Paul Wingert 

If you are admitted to a hospital St. Mary’s may not be notified. Please ask a family member to call us.  


ECO (Electronic Contributions Option) Program is always open for new sign-ups. See the information at the rear of church or call the parish office.

ECO –schedule: Weekly: March 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Bi-weekly: March  9, 23   Monthly March 1 & 15

“How do I make a return to the Lord for all he has done for me.”?



OFFERTORY – Feb. 21 - 22, 2009


Envelopes:  $2,846.00

Loose Change: $1,888.00

ECO deposits: $ 987.00

Total offering: $5,721.00


Bingo receipts for February 22, 2009 - $3,681.00

 JACKPOT $4,400.00





This week the RCIA class will be held on Monday and the topic for this week is “The Gift of Life”, presented by Father Mark Hammond.  These sessions are held weekly in the Atrium at 7:00 p.m. You don’t have to be investigating Catholicism to attend and grow in your knowledge of our faith. 

The Rite of Election will be held on Sunday, March 1st at

6:30 p.m. at St. Edward Church in Granville, OH.


DAUGHTER’S OF ERINwill serve breakfast in the school gym on March 8, 2009 from 8:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Pre-sale tickets are available for $5.00 by calling Loriann McCarthy at 614.578.0441. Cost at the door is: adults - $7.00 and children under 12 - $3.00.



LITURGICAL/VOLUNTEER SCHEDULES for March 7 – 8  (2nd Sunday of the Month)

Extraordinary Ministers are reminded to cleanse the vessels after each Mass


TIME         DATE          ALTAR SERVER                        LECTOR                                                       EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS                                                                                               

4:00 PM          Mar. 7         Travis Marx                                Sherrie Hayes                                         Lori and Dave Mitchell, Mariel Hayes,

                                            Katie Lawler                        Casey Campbell                                     Carol Rees, Evelyn Holleran, Don Smeltzer              

9:00 AM          Mar. 8         Natasha Mattox                  Mary Kelly                           Genny Bowman, Catherine Goodall, Shirley Thibault, Eileen Hoffman,

                                            Boi’ Suba Kenneh                Marge Smigelski                       Christa, Megan & Erin McKernan, Jennifer Yannayon                  

11:30 AM        Mar. 8         Kyle Dawson                       Mike Hicks                                      Katherine Hanson, Peggy Kienle, Katlyn Hall,

                                       Sam Agra, Corey Hall               Devin Russell                                          Tina Hall, Maria Martello, Janet Dawson                   

COFFEE & DOUGHNUTS: March 8 – Bertha Hilsheimer & Sally Sabony          Pray for our men and women in uniform




YOUNG ADULT RETREAT…a first ever retreat exclusively for young adults is being held March 21st here at St. Mary’s!  The theme of the day is “I’m Sorry, I forgive you, Thank you, I love you.”  Father Josh Wagner is the retreat master of the day.  Cost is $30.00 which includes lunch and food throughout the day.  Registration forms are located in the back of Church.  For questions contact Jason Shanks at




STATIONS of the CROSS will be held each Friday evening at 7:00 p.m. at the following locations:


Feb. 27, 2009 at St. Mary    Mar. 6, 2009 at St. Ladislaus

Mar. 13, 2009 at Corpus Christi  – Mar. 20. 2009 at St. Mary

Mar. 27, 2009 at St. Ladislaus –  Apr. 3, 2009 at Corpus Christi

Confession is offered in addition to the stations.


STATIONS of the CROSS will be held each Thursday at

3:00 p.m. at St. Leo on Feb. 26, Mar. 5 – 12 – 19 – 26,

and Apr. 2nd.

There will be no stations on Holy Thursday, April 9th.



Spring Clean Up - Beginning March 2, St. Joseph, Resurrection, Holy Cross, and Mt. Calvary Cemeteries will begin cleaning off wintertime decorations.  Families are advised to remove any personal keepsakes they wish to retain before March 2.


THE MARRIAGE and FAMILY LIFE OFFICE…of the Diocese of Columbus is sponsoring an Afternoon of Reflection for the Separated and Divorced on Sunday, March 22 from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at the Martin de Porres Center, 2330 Airport Drive, Columbus, OH 43219.  What Happened to the Dream? will be led by Father G. Michael Gribble, rector of St. Joseph Cathedral. The program will be followed by Mass at 3:30 PM.  The fee for the program is $10. Registration is required by March 12.

For additional information or to register call the Marriage and Family Life Office at 614/241-2560 or e-mail



Our two choirs always welcome new members.  The 9:00 choir practices on Wednesday evening at 7:00 p.m. and on Sunday morning at 8:15 a.m. The 11:30 choir practices on Tuesday evenings at 6:00p.m. You do not have to be able to read music. We want to plan to have plenty of singers for Holy Thursday and Good Friday (the 11:30 choir), and for the Holy Saturday Mass of the Easter Vigil (the 9:00 choir). Sacrificing time to be at practices would be a wonderful act of Lenten service. All practices are in the church. Come. Give it a try.






Katlyn Hall, a senior at Bishop Ready and a youth group leader here at St. Mary received one of the three “Gift of the Heart Service Awards” during a recent presentation at Bishop Ready.  Katlyn was nominated and voted upon by the student body. She exceeded 400 hours of service by January of her senior year. She participates annually in various community service projects. Our congratulations go out to Katlyn for her outstanding efforts in community service. 





Pro-Life Oratory Competition.

Greater Columbus Right to Life invites all high school juniors and seniors in the central Ohio area to participate in the local 2009 Ohio Right to Life Jane B. Thompson Oratorical Competition.  The event will take place on Saturday, March 21st, beginning at 10:00 a.m. at 665 East Dublin-Granville Road in Columbus. The first place winner will receive a prize of $100 and will advance to the state level competition on April 25th.  Second place takes a prize of $75.00.  Students shall write and deliver a 5 to 7 minute speech on one of the following life-related topics: euthanasia, abortion, infanticide, or stem cell research.  The number of entrants is limited to 20.  If interested, please contact Susan Lau at 614-848-4117 or by email at



Save the Dates:  March 6, 7 & 8.  Enjoy first class family entertainment, while supporting the Hospice and Palliative Care at Nationwide Children's Hospital, while catching the antics of St. Mary's parishioner Tom Patton (Belle's Father, Maurice) in the cast of the musical production of Disney's Beauty &the Beast, 

presented by The Pleasure Guild at The Palace Theatre. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster and at The Ohio Theatre box office.



Deacon Roger Minner and Deacon Larry Koebel will be collecting nonperishable food items after each mass this weekend and next weekend. All donations will be taken to food pantries that serve our community. Food pantry supplies are diminishing at a greater rate than ever. Please be as generous as possible.




We would like to honor you at Mass as you approach the time of your graduation.  The best date so far seems to be May 17.  We would call you up at the 11:30 Mass to introduce yourself and let people know what your plans are.  We could also plan on a lunch for you and your families after Mass.  What are your thoughts?  Call Father Thomas at 580.0421 if you have ideas or questions about this.  Another possible date is May 24, but that is Memorial Day weekend.





The Young-at-Heart group will be making their spring trip to St. Francis Center in McArthur, OH on April 6th. The following items are needed: soap products, toilet tissue, household items, and spring/summer clothing (please; no winter clothes). Articles may be left in the rear of the church marked for McArthur. For additional information you may contact Catherine Goodall at 443.6154 or Marian Fontaine at 444.1032.




The Gala netted $31,638 in revenue.  These monies are set aside for tuition assistance for next school year.  The raffle winners were as follows: $5000 Tuition Scholarship - Sharon & John Collins; Ipod - Ann Anderson; Wii - Joe McGarvey, an 8th grader at Saint Mary School; Diamond Bracelet - Helen Seikel, daughter of Mary & Frank Wickham.  Thank you to the many volunteers who helped make this event a success.  A special thank you to Brian Collins for chairing the gala committee the past two years! 


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