SATURDAY, December 27,

1 Jn. 1: 1 – 4, Jn. 20: 1a, 2 – 8

      1:00 p.m.               Wedding ceremony

       3:00 p.m.              Reconciliation

       4:00 p.m.              Mary Jo McCarthy   

       4:00 p.m.              Holleran – Weis wedding @ St. Leo

       6:00 p.m.              Raymond – Bowman wedding


SUNDAY, December 28,

Gn. 15: 1– 6, 21: 1 – 3, Ho. 11: 8, 11 – 12, 17 – 19 Lk. 2: 22 – 40

       9:00 a.m.              George “Bill“ Thompson    

                                      Coffee and Doughnuts

      11:30 a.m.            Helen Rohrer  

                                     Carrier baptism

      7:00 p.m.         Bingo


MONDAY, December 29,          

1Jn. 2: 3 – 11, Lk. 2: 22 – 35

    12:00 noon             John Giuricich 

                                      Reconciliation following Mass


TUESDAY, December 30,

1Jn. 2: 12 – 17 Lk. 2: 36 – 40

       12:00 noon             Leo La Pointe  


WEDNESDAY, December 31

1Jn. 2: 18 – 21 Jn. 1: 1 – 18             

      12:00 noon           For all St. Mary parishioners who died in 2008    

        6:00 p.m.             Pirwitz – Ballard wedding @ St. Leo    


THURSDAY, January 1, Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God

Nm. 6: 22 – 27, Gal. 4: 4 – 7, Lk. 2: 16 – 21

     10:00 a.m.              Jesse Anderson         


FRIDAY, January 2, First Friday

1Jn. 2: 22 – 28, Jn. 1: 19 – 28

    12:00 noon             Elizabeth Wolf   


SATURDAY, January 3,

1Jn. 2: 29 - 3: 6, Jn. 1: 29 – 34 

       3:00 p.m.              Reconciliation

       4:00 p.m.              Charles Mitchell   

                                      McLane baptism


SUNDAY, January 4,

Is. 60: 1 – 6, Eph. 3: 2 – 3a, 5 – 6, Mt. 2: 1 – 12

       9:00 a.m.              Living/Deceased  Carone family   

                                      Coffee and Doughnuts

      11:30 a.m.            Clair Marie Michael  

      7:00 p.m.         Bingo

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Please remember in your prayers all those who are sick or suffering, especially those homebound or in nursing homes.            

C:\Documents and Settings\anderson\My Documents\My Pictures\Microsoft Clip Organizer\j0429939.wmfRefresh them Lord, with your healing grace

Nursing Home:  Evelyn Spiert, Donna Whitacre

At Home : Catherine Allen, Charlie Campbell, Josephine Calabro, Frank Carrick, Judy Hall,  Henrietta Koch, Mary Ann Koch, Mary Laubenthal, Tim McManus, Al Moeller, Mary Ann Prager, Larry Schwartz, Tyler Zust, Rita Ann McCreary, James Johnson,  John Wuichner,  Jeff Buskey, Betty Friedlinghaus, Charles Walker  

If you are admitted to a hospital St. Mary’s may not be notified. Please ask a family member to call us.  


ECO (Electronic Contributions Option) Program is always open for new sign-ups. See the information at the rear of church or call the parish office. A

ECO –schedule: Weekly: Dec. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Bi-weekly: December 1, 15, 29   Monthly December 1 & 15

“How do I make a return to the Lord for all he has done for me.”?




Due to the early Christmas - New Year printing deadlines offering and bingo receipts will be reported next week.





Classes will resume on January 7, 2009.



The quarterly Jordon Conference session for parents who wish to have a child baptized will be held on January 27, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. in the Atrium. Please contact the parish office at 445-9668 to confirm your attendance.



The office will be closed on the following days for the New Year holiday:  January 1- 2.

Normal office hours will resume on January 5, 2009.



We are trying to organize at least five teams of bingo workers to take responsibility for the games once a month at most.  Call 445-9668 to volunteer. Selling instants to folks in between bingo games is easy to learn and to do.  Just two or three hours a month would be of great help.


LITURGICAL/VOLUNTEER SCHEDULES for January 3 - 4 (1st Sunday of the Month)

TIME           DATE      ALTAR SERVER                  LECTOR                         EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS                                                          

4:00 PM      Jan. 3      Jonathan Engle                     Open                     Don Smeltzer, Jim Sauer, Jeanne Sauer,

                                 Tim Engle                             Ann Graf                Marissa Campbell, Jennifer Hadden, Frances Melton

9:00 AM         Jan. 4       Charlie Collins                  Annie Ruefle               Jack Auer, Christina Badurina, Eli Disabato, Mike Gerlach      

                                 Augie Collins                         Brian Collins                     Maria Disabato, Angie Metoyer, Bonnie Jones, Amanda Breitfeller

11:30 AM       Jan. 4         Anthony Bartholomew           Tom Martello                     Ashley VanHorn, Donna VanHorn, Sandy Brown

                                 Will & Maria Martello        Pat Dineen                 Linnan Duren, Pam Mortimer, David Martello           

COFFEE & DOUGHNUTS: January 4 – Luisa Schurtz & Julie Orzano               Pray for our men and women in uniform





The 2nd annual Columbus Catholic Women's Conference will be held on Sat. February 21, 2009, at the Lausche Building at the Ohio State Expo Center, 717 East 17th Avenue, Columbus.  Register early to reserve your spot.  The main speaker is Rwandan holocaust survivor Immaculee Ilibagiza; second speaker is Catholic Apologist Sr. Rosalind Moss.  For more information, call Eileen Fantosi at 614-457-4457.To register on-line, visit


YOUTH GROUP WEB PAGE….the St. Mary Youth Group, open to 7th and 8th graders and to high school students now has a web site at



Father Thomas would like to know if there are cub scouts from our school or parish and where their pack is.  We are considering starting up cub scouts here, but we need this information first.



CONGRATULATIONS to our 4th Annual Saint Mary Gala & Auction Honored Guests: Frank and Mary Wickham and Ray and Terry Thomas!  Come join them in the celebration and honor their many years of dedication to our St. Mary Parish.  Enjoy an enchanted evening of great music, cocktails, food and a fantastic silent auction at the Columbus Athenaeum, Saturday, January 24th, 2009.  Order forms are available in the school office, the parish office (445-9688) and the Saint Mary Website,  Cash, check and credit card are accepted.  Sponsorship and program advertising opportunities are available too!  All proceeds benefit Saint Mary School!


Here's a Great Holiday Gift Idea!  Give a raffle ticket to win a $5,000 tuition scholarship to any school!!!  That's right, the $5,000 scholarship will be paid directly to ANY school - preschool, elementary school, high school or college - towards a designated tuition bill for the 2009-2010 school year or it may be deposited directly into a 529 account.  This includes out-of-state schools too!  Tickets only cost $20 each and may be purchased at the school or parish office.  Only 500 tickets will be sold.  Get them while they last!  The winning ticket will be pulled at St. Mary's 4th Annual Gala and Silent Auction on January 24, 2009!  You do not need to be present to win.  Help us sell tickets and you could win $100 if you sell the winning ticket! 



The Columbus Literacy Council provides free instruction to adults in reading and English as a second language and depends on volunteers to help with tutoring or other support services. For additional information about enrolling in a program or to learn more about volunteer opportunities call 614.221.5013 or visit the CLC web site at



The Benedictine Monks of St. Andrew Abbey in Cleveland will be holding “Living with Benedict” vocation discernment weekend for men between the age of 18 – 45 on

Jan. 30 - Feb. 1, 2009. For additional information contact

Fr. Gerard at 216.721.5300, ext. 210.



Appropriately, the Church places the Feast of the Holy Family on the weekend following Christmas. Let us pray for our families:

Father, help us to live as the Holy Family, united in respect and love. Teach us the sanctity of human love, show us the value of family life, and help us to live in peace. We are united with Jesus, Mary and Joseph because in your great love for us you sent your son to live in this world and to share our human experience. Help us to love each other as you love us, and to be more aware of those families in the world who struggle with poverty, war, and disease. Bring us all to the joy and peace of your eternal home. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.





Fighting Poverty to Build Peace” is the theme of Pope Benedict XVI’s World Day of Peace message. To read the statement and other material, please visit

Mass for the Blessed Virgin Mary, a holy day of obligation, will be at 10:00 a.m.


THE MARRIAGE and FAMILY LIFE OFFICE… asks you to consider what theologian Jack Shea says: that we don’t see the world as it is – we see the world as we are. If we hold an inner idea about life’s grimness, hurt, and pain, that’s what we’ll find. If we hold an inner idea about life’s grace, benevolence, and joy, that, too, is what we’ll discover. Sometimes in order to make spiritual progress we need to let go of our old notions of how life is supposed to be, and instead see life with God’s eyes. What better time than the start of a New Year to align our inner sight with God’s, in order to discover joy, notice grace, and be open to life’s benevolence?




Divorce Workshop  

The next eight-week workshop will be held Thursday evenings, from 7-9 PM, for the following dates: January 22, 29, February 5, 12, 19, 26, March 5, March 12, 2009, at the Catholic Center, 197 E. Gay St, Columbus.  The fee is $40 and scholarships are available.  

For additional information call the Marriage and Family Life Office at 614/241-2560  or go to  and click on the Hurting Families link, to print a brochure and registration form. 


Natural Family Planning Workshop at St. Cecilia Parish

A diocesan NFP workshop will begin Tuesday evening, January 20, 7-9 P.M., at St. Cecilia Parish, 434 Norton Rd., Columbus.  The five-session workshop, offered through the Marriage and Family Life Office, will continue on February 3 and 17, March 24, and April 21.  Cost is $60 per couple and includes all instructional materials; financial assistance is available.  For more information or to register for the workshop, contact the Marriage and Family Life Office at (614)241-2560 or

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