3:00 – 3:30 Confessions

Vigil Mass

     4:00 p.m.  Parishioners of St. Mary

SUNDAY, June 10, Corpus Christi – the Body and Blood of Christ

Gn. 14:18-20; 1 Cor. 11:23-26; Lk. 9:11b-17

      9:00 a.m.      Ron Zeller (Moraine Baptisms)

                            Coffee & Donuts

    11:30 a.m.      Nanette Rowe

                            Procession following Mass

     7:00 p.m.  Bingo

MONDAY, June 11, Barnabas, apostle

2 Cor. 1:1-7; Mt. 5:1-12

   12:00 noon Mary Jo McCarthy

                     Confessions following Mass

     5:00 p.m.  Evening Prayer & Rosary

TUESDAY, June 12,

2 Cor. 1:18-22; Mt. 5:13-16

   12:00 noon     Mary Ann Mageean

     5:00 p.m.  Evening Prayer & Rosary

WEDNESDAY, June 13, Anthony of Padua, priest, doctor

2 Cor. 3:4-11; Mt. 5:17-19

      12:00 noon     Skip Russell

     5:00 p.m.  Evening Prayer & Rosary

THURSDAY, June 14,

2 cor. 3:15-4:1,3-6; Mt. 5:20-26

     5:00 p.m.  Evening Prayer & Rosary

     6:00 p.m.   Adoration at Corpus Christi

     6:30 p.m.  Mass at Corpus Christi

FRIDAY, June 15, Sacred Heart of Jesus

Ez. 34:11-16; Rom. 5:5b-11; Lk. 15:3-7

  7:50 a.m.  Morning Chapel

      12:00 noon. Helen  

     5:00 p.m.  Evening Prayer & Rosary

SATURDAY, June 16,

     3:00 – 3:30 Confessions

Vigil Mass

     4:00 p.m.  Richard Norup

     6:30 p.m. Ealy/Cashin Wedding

SUNDAY, June 17, Eleventh Sunday of Ordinary Time

2 Sm. 12:7-10, 13; Gal. 2:16, 19-21; Lk. 7:36-8:3

      9:00 a.m.      John Kulzer

                            Coffee & Donuts

    11:30 a.m.      Deacon Thomas Spaith

     7:00 p.m.  Bingo

Pray for our men and women in uniform



Please remember in your prayers all those who are sick or suffering, especially those homebound or in nursing homes.

Refresh them Lord, with your healing grace.

Nursing Home: Evelyn Spiert.

At Home: Charlie Campbell, Josephine Calabro, Frank Carrick, Fred Courtney, Anna Czernik, Marie Ebelberger, Sondra Fisher-Goodwin, Julie Graham-Price, Judy Hall, Henrietta Koch, Mary Ann Koch, Tim McManus, Al Moeller, Mary Ann Prager, Frank Pulsinelli, Rita Redwood, Larry Schwartz.



If you are admitted to a hospital St. Mary’s may not be notified. Please give us a call if you would like a visit. Due to privacy issues no one will be listed in the bulletin sick list unless the person themselves or an immediate family member requests it.


ECO (Electronic Contributions Option) Program is always open for new sign-ups. See the information at the rear of church or call the parish office. ECO –schedule: Weekly; June 11, 18, 25; Bi-weekly:  June  18; Monthly June 1 or 15.


Chaplet: If you would like to lead the Divine Mercy chaplet before a Sunday 9:00 mass, please call Patty Collins at 253-3824 and you will be put on the schedule. A sign up sheet is on the bulletin board.


Not sure if you are registered at St. Mary’s?  You may not be if:

·         You have moved away from your parental home.

·         You grew up here but are newly married and starting your own family.

·         You are living with your parents but are over 23 years of age.

·         You are not receiving contribution envelopes.

To register please fill out a registration form which can be found on the table at the main entrance of church.




                  DATE          ALTAR SERVER                   LECTOR                       EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS                  

4:00 PM      June 16      K. Lawler,                             D.Smeltzer,                   C.Rees, E.Holleran,                            

                                    T. & S. Lawler                       S.Hayes                        S.Holleran, F.Carrick                                  

9:00 AM      June 17      M.DuVall, A.Price,                J.Kenneh,                      C. McKernan, M.McKernan,

                                    T.Carter                                M.K.Oris                       M.McKernan, J.Auer, D. & T. Smigelski

11:30 AM    June 17      M.Lovett, M.Kise,                  P.Mortimer,                   D. & a. VanHorn, N.Williams, S.Brown,

                                    A.Bartholomew                     R.Randolph                   D.Kise, D.Martello                       

Coffee & Donuts June 17 – Knights of Columbus                  

Sunday, June 10th is the Feast of Corpus Christi, the Body and Blood of Christ. Following the 11:30 AM Mass we will process down the street to the park and back. Please come and bring a friend. Pope Benedict XVI said in his weekly Angelus address last year: "By carrying the Eucharist through the streets and squares, we wish to submerge the bread descended from heaven in the everyday of our lives; we want Jesus to walk where we walk; to live where we live."


WATTERSON CLASS OF 1992 HIGH SCHOOL REUNION – The Bishop Watterson Class of 1992 will be having their 15-year reunion this summer on Saturday, June 30th, at The Winking Lizard on Hutchinson Avenue (near High Street and I-270).  Members of the class and those interested in learning more can contact Amy Siles at  There will also be a picnic on the following Sunday at High Banks Park, Big Meadows Picnic Area, from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.  The picnic is intended to be a family event.  We look forward to seeing everyone who is able to attend!


The Holy Family Alumni Association will hold its annual homecoming June 24th. An 11 a.m. alumni Mass will be held at holy Family Church followed by a brunch in the Museum Auditorium. The festivities will include a raffle.


Bishop’s Annual Appeal Update: We began the bishop’s Annual Appeal May 5-6 and we have passed our diocesan target amount of $43,539.98. Remember, any amount donated exceeding our parish goal returns to the parish once the pledges are completely paid in full. This has been a huge help to parish finances in recent years.  If you haven’t already, please consider making a contribution to the Bishops Annual Appeal.

Going on Vacation? Call 1-800-Mass Time (1-800-627-7846) or on the net for nationwide Mass times and locations.


The Wellington School is looking for families to host a Japanese high school student the last 2 weeks of July. These students participate in ESL classes and learn about American life by interacting with their host families and American teenagers who participate in the exchange program.  If your family is interested in hosting, please contact Julie Lovett or Peggy Berger at 457-7883, ext. 241, or call Julie at home at 443-3723.



Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) will start up with a cookout and informational meeting on August 29th at 6:30pm on the back patio of the rectory.  If you are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith then RCIA is for you.  There is no commitment to becoming Catholic, just come and learn about the faith and make decisions as you go.  All St. Mary’s parishioners are encouraged to begin praying for next year’s class and to invite those you know.  You are the greatest witness to the faith!  For more information please contact Jason Shanks at 614-445-9668 or email

St. Mary Young at Heart luncheon and bingo party will be held Monday, June 18th beginning at 11:30 a.m. in the St. Mary School gym. The cost of $6.00 includes a full course lunch, games – prizes, and door prizes. Everyone is invited to attend. For information call Marian Fontaine at 614-443-1032.


St. Mary School Notes…

·  Registration for the 2007-08 school year - grades PK through 8 is underway. If you would like an application or more information about St. Mary School please call the school office at 444-8994. SOME CLASSES ARE FULL…in our school for next year.

Please remember to honor your bingo commitment!

 “How do I make a return to the Lord for all he has done for me.”


OFFERTORY: OFFERTORY: 6/3-4 will be listed in the bulletin next week.

Bingo deposit May 27th  $1,286.00


Jubilee of Anniversaries 2007 will be held on Sunday, June 24, 2007 at St. Matthew Church, 807 Havens Corners Rd., Gahanna at 2:30 p.m. Married couples celebrating their 25th, 30th, 35th, 40th, 45th, 50th, 55th, 60th, Anniversary and every year thereafter are encouraged to attend. Mass will be celebrated by Bishop Campbell and a reception in your honor will be held following the Mass. Call the Marriage and Family Life Office at 241-2560 for reservation information. Reservations are necessary and must be received by Monday, June 11, 2007.

Summer school can be fun! Each year more and more people discover the adult enrichment experience of the diocesan Summer Institute with theology classes held the last two weeks of July at the Josephinum. Call the ministry Formation Office 614-241-2544 for a brochure or view/download on-line by going to

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