SATURDAY December 24, Vigil of Christmas

Is. 62:1-5; Acts. 13:16-17, 22-25; Mt. 1:1-25

     4:00 p.m.  William Goodwin (13th Anniversary)

       6:00 p.m.     John & Hilda Kulzer

SUNDAY, December 25, Nativity of the Lord: Christmas

Is. 9:1-6; Ti. 2:11-14; Lk. 2:1-14

      12:00 a.m. Tom & Becky Judge

Is. 52:7-10; Heb. 1:1-6; Jn. 1:1-18

      10:00 a.m. St. Mary Parishioners

                       NO Bingo

MONDAY, December 26, Stephen, first martyr

Acts 6:8-10, 7:54-59; Mt. 10:17-22

   12:00 p.m.  Joe Manns

     5:00 p.m.  Evening Prayer & Rosary

TUESDAY, December 27, John, apostle, martyr

1 Jn. 1:1-4; Jn. 20:1a, 2-8

                     NO MASS

     5:00 p.m.  Evening Prayer & Rosary

WEDNESDAY, December 28, Holy Innocents

1 Jn. 1:5-2:2; Mt. 2:13-18

                     NO MASS

     5:00 p.m.  Evening Prayer & Rosary

THURSDAY, December 29,

1 Jn. 2:3-11; Lk. 2:22-35

                     NO MASS

     5:00 p.m.  Evening Prayer & Rosary

FRIDAY, December 30, The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Mal 3:1-4, 23-24; Lk. 1:57-66

     7:50 a.m.  Morning Prayer

   12:00 p.m.  Living & Deceased of the Ruppersburg


     5:00 p.m.  Evening Prayer & Rosary

SATURDAY December 31, Vigil Mass

     4:00 p.m.  Kulzer & Wind Families

SUNDAY, January 1, Mary, the Mother of God

Nm. 6:22-7; Gal. 4:4-7; Lk. 2:16-21

     9:00 a.m. Von Byron Anderson

   11:30 a.m.  St. Mary Parishioners

      7:00 p.m. Bingo



Please remember in your prayers all those who are sick or suffering, especially those homebound or in nursing homes.

Refresh them Lord, with your healing grace.

Nursing Home: John Heider, Tim McManus, Evelyn Spiert.

At Home: Charlie Campbell, Diane Carrick, Frankie Carrick, Roberta Cataline, Josephine Calabro, Fred Courtney, Marie Ebelberger, Sondra Fisher-Goodwin, Judy Hall, Henrietta Koch, Mary Ann Koch, Marie McGrath, Rita Redwood, Rick Shawver, Millie Veit.

If you are admitted to a hospital St. Mary’s may not be notified. Please give us a call if you would like a visit. Due to privacy issues no one will be listed in the bulletin sick list unless the person themselves or an immediate family member requests it.

NO RCIA this Wednesday, December 21st. RCIA will resume January 4th.

Confirmation classes are held on Sunday in the Atrium from 10:15 – 11:15 AM. No class Christmas Day or New Years Day.

Next Weekend, the Feast of Mary, Mother of God, January 1st we will follow the regular weekend Mass schedule 4 PM, 9 & 11:30 AM.

Market Day: You can receive a Free Gemelli Pasta & Vegetable Blend when you purchase 2 select vegetable items.  Plus, all orders are entered to win a free Super Bowl Gift Basket!  Fill out an order form/flyer or order online. Return orders to the church office by Wednesday, January 4th.  Or you can order at until NOON on Friday, January 6th.  If you have any questions call Sharyn Perry at 578-1498. 


Thank you to all who purchased a tree, roping or wreaths. Many thanks to all who stood in the rain selling trees, wreaths and roping.

Thank you for your generosity to our parish. St. Mary’s is a landmark physically in our city, but it is a landmark in the hearts of many and we do thank you for your continued generosity to keeping it beautiful.


Contribution information for 2005 will be mailed by January 31st.



                              ALTAR SERVER                                       LECTOR                                                     EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS             

  4:00 PM           R. Hilsheimer                                                                                                                                                                                            

  9:00 AM           M.Badurina                                                                                                                  R. & T. Thomas


11:30 AM           Volunteers Needed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

NO Coffee & Donuts New Years Day

From the Pastor


Dear parishioners,


Merry Christmas!  We come again to the great feast of God’s infinite love for us, shown to us in the birth of the Lord Jesus.  I hope that everyone will be graced with just a glimpse of this vast love that the Lord has for you and for me.  Then our hearts can truly be filled with great joy as we welcome our Savior into our midst!


I wish to thank the many, many people who have worked so hard to make our Christmas celebrations beautiful.  Thanks to those who helped decorate the church, or helped to arrange the liturgies and processions.  Thanks also to those who serve us in our various liturgical ministries as lectors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, and altar servers.  And of course, I want to say a special word of thanks to our choirs and musicians, and to our music director, Joy Seipp.  They always work so hard and put in a great deal of extra time to make sure we have wonderful music for such a joyful occasion.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


As we celebrate the holidays this year, I pray that the Prince of Peace will guide us into all peace.  May the coming of the Christ Child fill your lives with peace and your hearts with love.  May God bless you, and may you have a Merry, Merry Christmas!


Sincerely in the Lord Jesus,

Fr. Mark Hammond




A very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Father Hammond,

and the parish staff.

St. Mary’s School Winter Gala Dinner and Auction will be at the Hyatt Regency Columbus from 6:00 to 10:00 PM on Saturday evening, January 14th. This event will benefit St. Mary’s Catholic School and enable us to establish an endowment which will help sustain a 140 year legacy of learning. We pray that you will support this important cause with your attendance, your contribution or your donation of auction items. See or the parish website for more information.

RECYCLE: St. Mary’s would be pleased to recycle your Christmas wrapping paper and packaging! Look for the green and white recycling bin on the parish parking lot.

Catholic Relief Services Update: 726 families who evacuated because of Hurricane Katrina have registered through the Red Cross in the central Ohio area. Families are still arriving each week.  The diocese currently is supporting families with housing, utilities, food, transportation, etc.  About 40 families are still living in motels and need to find more permanent housing.

Through the coordinated efforts of the Office for Social Concerns, the St. Vincent de Paul Society diocesan council and parish conferences, the JOIN office, and the St. Stephen’s Community House (providing case management services), the diocesan response will continue to expand as resources become available.

As you become aware of relocating families or individuals in your area, please ask them to contact the Office for Social Concerns at 614-241-2540. 

EOC (Electric Contributions Option) Program is always open for new sign-ups. See the information at the rear of church or call the parish office at 445-9668 for more information.

Anyone wishing to sponsor a child for the 2005-06 school year please contact Nancy Auer at 445-9668.


Please remember to honor your bingo commitment.


 “How do I make a return to the Lord for all he has done for me.”

 OFFERTORY: 12/17-18                envelopes           $5,908.00

                                                   loose change             1,084.00

 Of the 639 envelopes mailed 147 were used

     Less 5% ($349.60) local charities

Immaculate Conception     45.00

Religious Retirement           70.00

Diocesan Charities               20.00

Christmas                           75.00

                                  Budgeted Amount                     $7,103.00

                                  Deficit this week                           111.00

     BINGO 12/18                                                     

     Bingo Deposit                                                       $2,407.00

     Bank                                                                           800.00

     Expenses                                                                   557.00

     Net                                                                         $1,050.00

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