SATURDAY November 5, Vigil Mass

     4:00 p.m.  Parishioners of St. Mary’s   

SUNDAY, November 6, Thirty-second Sunday in

Wis. 6:12-16; 1 Thes. 4:13-18; Mt. 25:1-13      Ordinary Time

     9:00 a.m.  Otto Veit (13th anniversary)

                     Coffee & Donuts

   11:30 a.m. Martha Gray

     7:00 p.m.  Bingo

MONDAY, November 7,

Wis. 1:1-7; Lk. 17:1-6

     7:50 a.m.  Morning Prayer

   12:00 p.m.  Deceased Henterly & Plageman Families

     2:15 p.m.  Honors Assembly

     4:00 p.m.  Volleyball Practice: Monday - Friday

     5:00 p.m.  Evening Prayer & Rosary

     6:00 p.m.  Choir Practice (11:30 AM Mass)

     6:30 p.m.  Welcoming Committee

TUESDAY, November 8,

Wis. 2:23-3:9; Lk. 17:7-10

     8:30 a.m.   Helen Kaeppner (grades 5-8)

   12:30 noon  Confessions

     5:00 p.m.  Evening Prayer & Rosary

     6:00 p.m.  Development Committee

     6:00 p.m.  Bible Study - Shanks

WEDNESDAY, November 9, Dedication of the Lateran Basicilia

Ez. 47:1-2, 8-9, 12; 1 Cor. 3:9c-11, 16-17; Jn. 2:13-22

     8:30 a.m.  Bill & Greg Thomas (grades K-4)

     5:00 p.m.  Evening Prayer & Rosary

     6:30 p.m.  RCIA

     7:00 p.m.  Bible Study – Dr. Ross

     7:00 p.m.  Choir Practice (9 AM Mass)

THURSDAY, November 10, Leo the Great, pope, doctor

Wis. 7:22b-8:1; Lk. 17:20-25

                     NO MASS

     5:00 p.m.  Evening Prayer & Rosary

FRIDAY, November 11, Martin of Tours, bishop

Wis. 13:1-9; Lk. 17:26-37

     7:50 a.m.  Morning Prayer

   12:00 p.m.  Living and Deceased Ruppersburg-Felder

     5:00 p.m.  Evening Prayer & Rosary

     9:00 p.m.  Adult Open gym - basketball

SATURDAY November 12, Vigil Mass

     4:00 p.m.  Mary Jo McCarthy        

SUNDAY, November 13, Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Prv. 31:10-13, 19-20, 30-31; 1 Thes. 5:1-6; Mt. 25:14-30     

     9:00 a.m.  Leonard Albert

                     Coffee & Donuts

   11:30 a.m. Parishioners of St. Mary’s

     7:00 p.m.  Bingo

Please remember in your prayers all those who are sick or suffering, especially those homebound or in nursing homes.

Refresh them Lord, with your healing grace.

Nursing Home: John Heider, Tim McManus

At Home: Charlie Campbell, Diane Carrick, Frankie Carrick, Roberta Cataline, Josephine Calabro, Marie Ebelberger, Sondra Fisher-Goodwin, Judy Hall, Henrietta Koch, Mary Ann Koch, Rita Redwood, Rick Shawver, Millie Veit.

If you are admitted to a hospital St. Mary may not be notified. Please give us a call if you would like a visit. Due to privacy issues no one will be listed in the bulletin sick list unless the person themselves or an immediate family member requests it.

RCIA This Wednesday, November 9th: Ms. Julie Bango & Deacon Tony will present “Mary and the Saints” Evening Prayer and the presentation is open to the public. The group meets in church for Evening Prayer at 6:30 then adjourns to the Atrium for the presentation. For more information or if you have questions contact Jason Shanks at or call 445-9668.

Tuesday, November 8th is Election Day. There are several Issues and candidates.

“A Catholic moral framework does not easily fit the ideologies of “right” or “left,” nor the platforms of any party. Our values are often not “politically correct.” Believers are called to be a community of conscience within the larger society and to test public life by the values of Scripture and the principles of Catholic social teaching. Our responsibility is to measure all candidates, policies, parties, and platforms by how they protect or undermine the life, dignity, and rights of the human person—whether they protect the poor and vulnerable and advance the common good.”

Faithful Citizenship: A Catholic Call to Political Responsibility U.S. Catholic Bishops, 2003

“The Church values the democratic system inasmuch as it ensures the participation of citizens in making political choices, guarantees to the governed the possibility both of electing and holding accountable those govern them, and of replacing them through peaceful means when appropriate…” (#406) “Being at the service of it citizens, the state is the steward of the people’s resources, which it must administer with a view to the common good.” (# 412)

Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, 3/2005


                ALTAR SERVER                                                   LECTOR                                 EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS                         

  4:00 PM           J. Lamotte                                                 J.Testa, C.Skinner                               E.Hayes, J.Spiert, E.Holleran, M.Detrick        

  9:00 AM           A.Minner                                                    M.K.Oris, J.Vogt                                    F. & M. Wickham, C.Reis,

                                                                                                                                                                B.Jones, B.Lenkey, M.Gerlach                         

11:30 AM           A.Starrett                                                    S.Moraine, R.Randolph                      S.Thompson, J.Tobin, S.Perry,                                                                                                                                                                                         S.Joy, D.VanHorn, J.Sauer                               

Coffee & Donuts 11/13: F.Melton, M.Gerlach

From the Pastor

Dear parishioners,

      We have adjusted the Tuesday confessions to make the sacrament more accommodating to the school schedule.

      As I’m sure you are aware, we are having a Winter Gala and Auction January 14th at the Hyatt Regency. Your support of this major fundraiser would be most appreciated. If you are unable to attend or donate an item for the auction, any contribution would be gladly accepted.

      We have finalized plans for our South Vicariate Mission. The mission will start at St. Mary’s Sunday evening December 4th at 7:00 PM. We will have additional parking at the Golden Age Hobby Shop and parking lot security. Following the Mission presentation refreshments and social time will be available in the atrium. Please see the poster on the bulletin board for more information.

      Tuesday is Election Day. Please exercise your right and duty to vote. The statement Faithful Citizenship says, “In the Catholic tradition, responsible citizenship is a virtue; participation in the political process is a moral obligation.”

      And finally, thank you to everyone who so kindly remembered my big 5-0 birthday. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness.

      Please know of my continued prayers for God’s blessing to be with all of you and your families.

Sincerely in the Lord,

Fr. Hammond


St. Mary of the Assumption Church and School will sponsor a Winter Gala Dinner and Auction at the Hyatt Regency Columbus from 6:00 to 10:00 PM on Saturday evening, January 14th. This event will benefit St. Mary of the Assumption Catholic School. Our Winter Gala Dinner and Auction will enable us to establish an endowment which will help sustain a 140 year legacy of learning. We pray that you will support this important cause with your attendance, your contribution or your donation of auction items. For further details call the school office at 444-8994, e-mail us at or check out the parish website at

The general intention for the month is "That married people may imitate the example of conjugal holiness shown by so many couples in the ordinary conditions of life." The missionary intention for the month "That pastors of mission territories may recognize with constant care their duty to foster the permanent formation of their own priests."

Youth Group OSU -Michigan “Tailgate” Party! Come and bring your favorite “tailgate” foods and beverages Saturday November 19th at 11:00 AM to the Burkley Center Atrium. We will party and watch the game on a big screen TV. All age groups are invited!! For more information contact Johnny LaMotte at 469-0899.

Christmas SaleThe St. Mary’s Christmas tree sale will begin November 26th! Help is needed to stake the trees on November 25th. If you are able to help with this project please call the rectory office at 445-9668. The Christmas tree sale volunteer sign up board will be at the back of church soon.

  This week’s focus:   Service

In the Gospel of John we are given a deed—a humble, simple, hospitable deed of washing feet. After the deed is done, Jesus—knowing that the disciples lacked full understanding—urges them into action: “blest will you be if you put them [washing of feet and Jesus’ other teaching] into practice” (13:17b).

We wash one another’s feet by holding the hand of a dying person, when we attempt to change unjust systems, when we strive to end world hunger, when social justice and the gospel become our priority. The happiness and blessedness that Jesus proposes is not living well, feeling good, finding and staying in our comfort zone. It is risky business, this gospel living. It will demand our lives.


St. Mary’s School Notes:

·  1st Quarter Honors Assembly Monday, November 7th at 2:15 PM in the school gym.

·  Anyone wishing to sponsor a child for the 2005-06 school year please contact Nancy Auer at 445-9668.


 “How do I make a return to the Lord for all he has done for me.”

 OFFERTORY: 10/29-30                envelopes           $5,028.00

                                                   loose change                601.00

 Of the 639 envelopes mailed 154 were used

     Less 5% ($281.45) local charities

Church Renovation  $50.00

Mission Sunday       $18.00

All Saints Day        $170.00

                                  Budgeted Amount                     $7,103.00

                                  Deficit this week                        1,494.00

St. Vincent de Paul 10/29-30  $672.17  Thank you!!

     BINGO 10/30

     Bingo Deposit                                                       $1,774.50

     Bank                                                                           800.00

     Expenses                                                                   446.00

     Net                                                                            $528.50

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