SATURDAY July 16, Vigil Mass

        4:00 p.m.     Mary Jo McCarthy

SUNDAY, July 17, Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Wis 12:13, 16-19; Rom. 8:26-27; Mt. 13:2-43

        9:00 a.m.     Parishioners of St. Mary’s  

                           Coffee & Donuts

      11:30 a.m.     Martha Gray

       7:00 p.m.      Bingo

MONDAY July 18, Camillus de Lellis, priest

Ex. 14:5-18; Mt. 12:38-42

        12:00 p.m.   Edna Phillips

        5:00 p.m.     Evening Prayer & Rosary

TUESDAY, July 19

Ex. 14:21-15:1; Mt. 12:46-50

        8:30 a.m.     Living & Deceased of the Carone Family

        5:00 p.m.     Evening Prayer & Rosary

        6:00 p.m.     Bible Study – Shanks

        7:00 p.m.     Open Gym (basketball)


Ex. 16:1-5, 9-15; Mt. 13:1-9

        8:30 a.m.     Kulzer/Wind Families

        5:00 p.m.     Evening Prayer & Rosary

        7:00 p.m.     Bible Study – Dr. Ross

        7:00 p.m.     Open Gym (volleyball)

THURSDAY, July 21, Lawrence of Brindisi, priest, doctor

Ex. 19:`-1, 9-11, 16-20b; Mt. 13:10-17

                        NO MASS

        5:00 p.m.     Evening Prayer & Rosary

        7:00 p.m.     Open Gym (basketball)

FRIDAY, July 22, Mary Magdalene

Sg. 3:1-4b; Jn. 20:1-2, 11-18

      12:00 p.m.     Michael Kennedy

        5:00 p.m.     Evening Prayer & Rosary

SATURDAY July 23, Vigil Mass

        1:30 p.m.     Wilhelm/Brokamp Wedding

        4:00 p.m.     Stephanie Clark

        6:30 p.m.     Mendik/Robinson Wedding

SUNDAY, July 24, Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

1 Kgs. 3:5, 7-12; Rom. 8:28-30; Mt. 13:44-52

        9:00 a.m.     William Specht    

                           Coffee & Donuts

      11:30 a.m.     Parishioners of St. Mary’s  

       1:00 p.m.      Baptism (Hilsheimer-Mann)

       7:00 p.m.      Bingo


Please remember in your prayers all those who are sick or suffering, especially those homebound or in nursing homes.

Refresh them Lord, with your healing grace.

Nursing Home: Catherine Hausberger, John Heider

At Home: Jack Auer, Diane Carrick, Frankie Carrick, Roberta Cataline, Josephine Calabro, Marie Ebelberger, Sondra Fisher-Goodwin, Judy Hall, Marilyn Hilsheimer, Helen, Kurguz, Henrietta Koch, Mary Ann Koch, Rick Shawver, Millie Veit.

If you are admitted to a hospital St. Mary may not be notified. Please give us a call if you would like a visit. Due to privacy issues no one will be listed in the bulletin sick list unless the person themselves or an immediate family member requests it.

St. Mary Welcome Committee will meet on the first Monday of each month beginning in August. Meetings are held at 6:30 PM in the Burkley Center.

Are you interested in exploring the Catholic faith?  Would you like to discover what is it we Catholics believe and why?  Are you Catholic, buthave not been confirmed?  Then, the Rite of Christian Initiation (RCIA) is for you.  Our first meeting begins Wednesday the 24th of August at Father's back patio for a cookout.  For more information contact Jason Shanks in the parish office at or call 445-9668.

Youth (grades 6th-12th) Mark Your Calendars for Dime-a-Dog night at theClippers on August 22nd.  Game starts at 7:00pm.  Sign up in the back ofChurch if you wanna come.  Adults are needed to go.

The Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, August 15th is not a day of obligation this year. However, please plan to attend our patroness celebration with 7 PM Mass followed by a candle light procession through the streets of German Village. Please bring your family and friends.

Please welcome: Fr. Joseph Stanton who will be our weekend celebrant. Fr. David Young, is the Associate Pastor of St. Agatha parish will be our celebrant Monday and Tuesday. Father Hammond will return for Mass Wednesday, July 20th.


                             ALTAR SERVER                                       LECTOR                                           EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS                      

  4:00 PM           Sign up in the back of Church               J.Lamotte, C.Skinner                    D.Bruney, J.Hanson, E.Hayes, C.Rees                

  9:00 AM           Sign up in the back of Church               A.Haytas, K.Haytas                        J.Auer, M.Jentgen, B.Jones,  

                                                                                                                                                           S.Martt, D.Smigelski, M.Smigelski                         

11:30 AM           Sign up in the back of Church               R.Helon, S.Moraine                       A/J Andrews, S.Brown, S.Jeffrey,                  

                                                                                                                                                           J.Tobin, D.VanHorn, C.Walker                                

Coffee & Donuts 7/24: F.Melton, M.Gerlach.  

Parish-School Relations

 We, here at Saint Mary’s, have been given a great gift and responsibility in our school.  The Church has always seen education as a fertile ground for the Gospel and evangelization; as a result, our school is a very living extension of the parish, in which we pass on our faith to our children.  When a school is a direct apostolate of the parish, our children have the benefit of receiving an affordable education which includes instruction in faith and morality.  This in turn provides the parish with young adults who know their faith and incorporate it into all of the elements of everyday life.  With this gift, comes a responsibility.  All those employed at the school have the responsibility of passing on the faith in its entirety, as well as the responsibility of giving our students all of the tools necessary to not only be productive citizens in society, but those that will transform it by their Catholic witness.  Parishioners also have a responsibility to support the school in whatever ways they can—financial contributions, volunteering time, and promoting the school to others.


Parents are the primary educators of their children, but we as part of the community into which these children are baptized have a responsibility to assist these children by our example and instruction.  By our fidelity to the Church and her teachings, we can assist our young people in recognizing the specific vocation that God has for them.  As faithful parishioners, let us go forth in these works of education.  As Saint Paul says, “We are one body”; therefore, whatever we can do to build up our school ultimately builds up the entire parish community.


Sincerely yours in Christ,

Chad S. Grube, Principal

Saint Mary of the Assumption School


NO White Elephant!! We will not have a White Elephant sale in conjunction with the Homecoming Festival this year. If you have been saving items for it please contact the Young at Heart Club. They will be making a trip to McArthur Ohio August 29th to take clothing, household items, personal products and school supplies to the needy there. Contact Catherine Goodall at 443-6154.

“Eucharistic Presence: Both a Noun and a Verb” will be presented by Most Reverend Blasé J. Cupich, Rapid City, SD, Sunday July 17, 7:00 PM at the Jessing Center, Pontifical College Josephinum, 7625 N. High St. Bishop Cupich’s talk is free of charge and open to all interested persons; light refreshments will be served.

Saint Mary Parish 80th Annual Homecoming Festival is August 12/13.

No Experience Necessary!

Always wanted to learn to gamble like a pro?

We are now training volunteers for the Homecoming festival.

Many volunteers are needed and it’s easy to learn!

So have fun, amaze your friends and deal like a pro!

Contact Jim Morbitzer 209-1867 anytime.

DONATIONS FOR THE HOMECOMING SILENT AUCTION are needed – everything from tickets to trinkets, artworks to auto-works, season passes to services, food to football. (While we are need of items of every kind we are especially looking for golf packages, tickets to sporting events, vacation packages.) Last year we ended up having over 70 items including many original art pieces, autographed books, tickets, posters, and vacation spots. This year we are hoping to have even more wonderful items. If you are willing to donate or know of an organization willing to donate, please contact us. Call Sandra Thompson, 444-5811 or Nancy Auer, 445-9668. Remember donations are tax deductible!!

Choir Practice for the 4:00 PM Homecoming Mass August 13th will be held on Wednesday, August 10th from 7 to 9 PM. All are welcome!


Homecoming Raffle Tickets are available in the parish office. If you have sold all the tickets you received in the mail please stop by the parish office get more! You can also drop off your volunteer sheet in the collection basket or at the parish office.


St. Mary School Notes:

If for some reason you were unable to register your child for school this Spring or if you are new to the area we are still accepting registrations for Pre-school through 8th grade. Call the Parish office at 445-9668 for information.

Finance Corner: Anyone wishing to sponsor a child for the 2005-06 school year please contact Nancy Auer at 445-9668.


“How do I make a return to the Lord for all he has done for me.”

 OFFERTORY: 7/9-10                                               $5,841.50

     Less 5% (292.08) local charities

                                  Budgeted Amount                     $7,103.00

                                  Deficit this week                        1,793.00

  Catholic Times                                                                 47.00

  Holy Father (Peter’s Pence)                                            75.00

     BINGO 7/3

     Bingo Deposit                                                       $2,319.00

     Bank                                                                           800.00

     Expenses                                                                 $636.00

     Net                                                                              883.00

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